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  Welcome to the buy low cost Hummer vehicles site. If you are looking for huge savings on an used cheap hummer SUV or SUT for sale, this is the dealer site. The H1 is the consumer version of the military Hum-Vee. The H2 is built on the GMC 2500 truck chassis. The H3 is the smallest, and built with the Chevy Colorado pickup guts.

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You know, low cost Hummer Trucks are still some of the most versatile vehicles on the planet. You can cruse town and have the cool style of the most expensive Cadillac or Lincoln. Just because they are pretty, does not mean you can't take them off road. These upscale SUV vehicles got their bloodlines from the military Hum-Vee SUT, so you know darn well they can handle mud, sand, and nasty terrain. If you always wanted one, but the price was out of reach, don't settle for less.
You can now buy an used Hummer cheap since GM quit making them a few years ago. If you are looking for good fuel economy and easy parking, go with the H3. If you are a macho man that only wants the biggest and baddest SUV, choose the H1. As for myself, I would choose the H2 as it compares well to the Tahoe or Yukon in size and gas mileage. Discount Car Tires Plus Custom Wheels Online

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